Istanbul Art Fair 2021

5 October 2021
10 October 2021

On the occasion of Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair 2021 organized atTersane (Halic Shipyard), Iranshahr is proud and happy to present a selection reflecting its editorial line to discover contemporary Iranian art and build cultural bridges with international art scenes.

Iranshahr is an independent gallery, founded in 2014. The gallery’s program is centred on promotion of thought-provoking artists from the Iran, locally and internationally. The gallery is committed to discovery and experimentation, with a mission to strengthen the position of contemporary art in Iran.
Iranshahr started out in response to the need in Iran for a cutting-edge platform for artists, to serve as a bridge between Iranian artists and the global art world.

We aim to create a dialogue with our audience, expanding the domain of our practice through the production and exhibition of institution-quality work, complemented by innovative strategies for our audience to engage with contemporary art. We address these concerns through a comprehensive international programme, including exhibitions, encompassing lectures, documentries, performances, publications and other residential projects.

Siamak Filizadeh, Shaya Shahrestani, Davood Zandian, Mehdi Shirahmadi, Salman Khoshroo, Mohammadreza Yazdi, Farshid Davoudi and Reza Baharvand will be exhibited for the first time at Istanbul Contemporary.

Meet the artists Istanbul Art Fair 2021

Mohammadreza Yazdi

Reza Baharvand

Farshid Davoodi

Siamak Filizadeh

Salman Khoshroo

Shaya Shahrestani

Davoud Zandian

Mehdi Shirahmadi

Artwork participating in Istanbul Art Fair 2021