13 August 2021
24 August 2021
Hours of work
16 تا 21

In this exhibition, Anahita Shahamati has created a fictional universe.
With a series of installations, sculptures and paintings she has imagined a novel ecosystem of her own, an artificial nature in which various branches of parallel biological systems and processes evolve, interact and turn into each other.
Anahita is particularly inspired by the formation of natural phenomena, both from a microscopic view, as the initial moments when first life-forms begin to emerge, and a telescopic perspective; non-living matters fragmenting and forming inanimate masses.
By combining and creating a range of textures, shapes, and materials she has developed a diversity. This in itself is inspired by the process where simple and limited building blocks of the universe turn into an amazing variety of life, through the gradual and consistent mechanism of evolution.

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Anahita Shahamati

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